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A 24 hour comic (2008/10/18) This is the story of Rute, a woman who has no faith or interest in reality, and likes to fantazise about a fairy-tale world where she's happy.

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A different experience - October 19th, 2008, 9:37 am

This was my first ever experience doing a 24 hour-comic. It was loads of fun and a lot of work. I was alone since, unfortunetly, in my country there was no comic store that organized an event for it, and because of that it was a little lonely.
I started this at 10:00h of the 18th of October (Portugal's time) and managed to finish at 08:38h (1 hour and half before deadline) on the next day.
By that time I was exausted and couldn't do much beside rest, but I felt really acomplished.
I know I could've done a lot more with this, and I'm really not that happy with the two last pages. They seem rushed but they weren't. I'm sorry if the ending sounds fake (maybe it's just another one of Rute's delusions).
I learned a lot from this experience, and hope to try it again in the future, hopefullly learning from the many mistakes I did this time.
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